Flexoco supports ambitious children and young athletes.


We are supporting sport activities for children and young people. It is our belief that good habits are often founded in the childhood and youth. Our support is mainly through sponsorship of children and young people who wish to practice their sport at a high level.

One of the Flexoco sponsorships goes to the young elite tennis player Ida Krause age 14.


She is playing the Danish U-14 national team in tennis and she has already won several Danish championships.


Elite Tennis - Ida Krause


Ida Emilie Krause (15.04.99) - Ida began playing tennis at the age of 8 and after 2 years moved to the elite tennis club Birkerod in Denmark. Since Ida was 10 years old she has been in top 3 in her year and she has been playing the Danish national team U12 and U14. She has national championships in double and mix-double and has several regional championships in single and double.


In 2012 she was playing the team that secured Denmark the first Nordic Championship for junior players in 17 years.


For the accomplishment the Danish Tennis Association rewarded the team with the title Junior of the Year. Ida is right now ranked 29 on the senior players list in Denmark and she is hunting points for the European U14 and World U18 ranking.

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